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1. Legal information

In compliance with the duty of information stipulated in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the owner of the website provides the identification data required by the aforementioned regulation:

  • Owner: FREEZE CAST EUROPA S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “FREEZE CAST”)
  • Home address: Calle Roble 101, Polígono Industrial Nicomedes García
  • NIF:  B-80574106
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +34 921 49 00 96
  • Fax: +34 921 49 01 74

2. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents of the website, including but not limited to text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as graphic design and source codes are the intellectual property of FREEZE CAST or third parties, without being transferred to the user any of the rights to exploit them beyond what is strictly necessary for the proper use of the website.

3. Conditions of use of the website

3.1 General.

Access to and use of the website implies full acceptance of these conditions, without prejudice to any special conditions that may apply to certain web services.

It is expressly forbidden to use the website for purposes injurious to property or interests of FREEZE CAST or third parties, or in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or FREEZE CAST or third party products and applications (software).

3.2 Contents.

The user undertakes to use the contents in accordance with the law and this Legal Notice, as well as with any other conditions, regulations and instructions that may be applicable in accordance with the provisions of this Legal Notice.

The intellectual property rights of the content of web pages, graphic design and codes are owned by FREEZE CAST or third parties; therefore, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other activity that can be done with the contents of their web pages or even quoting the sources without the written consent of FREEZE CAST or third parties is prohibited.

All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind contained on the website are owned by FREEZE CAST or third parties and are protected by law.

The purpose of the links which appear on FREEZE CAST websites is solely informational, and does not in any case constitute a suggestion or invitation to the user to visit the websites to which they link.

The owner of the website does not identify with the opinions expressed in it by its contributors. The Company reserves the right to make unannounced changes it deems appropriate in its website; may change, delete or add content and services provided through the website, as the way in which they are presented or located on their servers.

4. Protection of personal data.

FREEZE CAST is not responsible for the accuracy of the information that is not produced by itself and of which another source is indicated, so neither assumes any responsibility for any possible damage that may arise from the use of such information.

FREEZE CAST reserves the right to update, modify or delete information contained in its website and may even limit or deny access to such information.

FREEZE CAST is exonerated from liability for any loss or damage that the user may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by FREEZE CAST.

The use of cookies on this website is governed by our Cookie Policy.

FREEZE CAST does not perform any processing of data of minors.

5. Legislation.

This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its ends by Spanish law.


FREEZE CAST in its constant efforts to minimise its environmental impact, incorporates an environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 standard.

In this way, FREEZE CAST ensures that it provides products that meet the requirements of its customers and other stakeholders, as well as applicable legal and regulatory requirements, from an environmental protection perspective.

As a consequence of environmental policy, FREEZE CAST:

  • Ensures that awareness of environmental requirements is promoted at all levels of the company.
  • Minimises the environmental impact of our activities under a principle of pollution prevention.
  • The Environmental Management System of the activities carried out in all our facilities are in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 standard.
  • It monitors its environmental performance in accordance with its environmental Objectives, Targets and Aspects. The following data obtained in 2022 are noteworthy:
    • Reducing the level of waste generation:
  • Hazardous waste:
    • Fibre/refractory material residues at 3%.
    • 80% chemical residues
  • Non-hazardous waste:
    • Plastic waste by 11%
    • 53% furnace slag waste
  • It has a systematic system in place for updating the applicable Environmental Legislation and identifying the requirements applicable to its activity.
  • Periodically assesses environmental aspects. Of the significant environmental aspects obtained in 2021, the following have been significantly reduced:
    • Fibre consumption / refractory material -5%.
    • Fibre/refractory material residues -3%  
    • Waste toner and cartridges -11%
    • Plastic waste -11% 
    • Scrap waste -12% 
  • Performs adequate operational control of identified environmental aspects.
    • Consumption control: resource consumption is accounted for in order to optimise it as much as possible and reduce the associated environmental impact.
    • Waste control: the waste generated by our activity is delivered to authorised waste managers or is transferred for recovery, always in accordance with the principles of minimisation, reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery.
    • Control of discharges: all discharge points have been identified and the necessary self-monitoring is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the discharge authorisation.
    • Emission control: all emission sources have been identified and the defined periodic controls are carried out. Not exceeding the established limits
    • Immission control: Immission of non-channelled solid particles (Diffuse pollution). Air quality. Not exceeding the established limits.
    • Noise control: Environmental report on noise emissions from the production process. Not exceeding the established limits.
    • Preliminary soil status report.
  • It has established and implemented procedures for action in the event of possible environmental emergencies.
  • Plans and conducts audits to ensure compliance with system requirements.

FREEZE CAST, maintains a continuous concern for the environmental impacts generated by its activity and addresses it through a philosophy of environmental protection and continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Likewise, FREEZE CAST has at the disposal of interested parties who request it, information on the environmental aspects indicated and on the environmental performance.