At Freeze Cast we are specialists in the manufacture of stainless steel.

We use ceramic molds with which we can manufacture cast products in practically any steel alloy.

Precision casting

From simple components to highly complex stainless steel cast components. In addition, we have our own process: HPPS, a process to improve surface quality in hydraulic areas. Developed during years of research for the manufacture of hydraulic components with internal values Ra 1 μm on all surfaces of the part.


From our ceramic foundry facilities in Spain we can satisfy your material needs, precision demands, speed of delivery and the best costs in any country in the world.

Instant Casting is a process developed by Freeze Cast to provide casting parts to our customers in two weeks, without the need for a physical model.

With a history of more than 30 years as a precision foundry, we are positioned as the world’s leading manufacturers in the sector of precision hydraulic components for stainless steel pumping equipment.


We are a stainless steel foundry specialising in the production of hydraulic components for high-energy pumps, serving the leading companies in the pumping industry.
We have patternless processes that allow us to manufacture components without the need for a model. This process is especially recommended for short or unitary series.
Materials: Stainless steels (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, super duplex materials), in Nickel base alloys and carbon steel.
Size range: From 100mm to 800mm diameter and from 1Kg to 500Kg.

Impellers 2


We have delivered more than 250,000 impellers with diameters up to 850mm to customers all over the world.

Diffusers 1


We manufacture diffusers up to 500kg in weight available from cast to fully machined.

Other parts

Other parts

Precision casting also pelton turbines, pump bodies, directional blades and other hydraulic pump components.

Ad hoc 4

Ad hoc

We can manufacture any component part for your projects. We have the experience and the best technical team..


We ensure all our business activities meet our quality policy which aims to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Our key priorities include: product-process, services and customer expectation.


We have set objectives to ensure the greatest care is taken in meeting delivery schedules in optimum conditions.


Health and safety in the workplace is our number one priority, having created a preventative culture in the workplace, to which we are fully committed.


Sustainability, a reality at Freeze Cast. Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.


We are committed to direct and accessible communication with our clients to guarantee their satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being able to offer immediate response to any issues arising.

OUR Markets

Chemical Industry

  • Pump parts in very specific materials to move all kinds of corrosive and non-corrosive fluids.
  • Components for high and low temperatures.

Naval and maritime

  • Parts designed to constantly adapt to the operational needs and capabilities of the naval and marine market
  • Special materials for particular applications

Desalination Plants

  • Materials: Duplex and super duplex
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Important projects worldwide: Israel, Africa, Australia

Oil & Gas

  • Parts for onshore and offshore extraction, refinery, intermediate storage and downstream applications
  • M-650 Norsok approved supplier for duplex and super duplex materials (GR4A GR5A GR 6A).

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After Market​

  • Receive your parts in a short period of time, reduce leadtime of your equipment.
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Patternless option
  • Freeze Cast heritage and experience


  • Parts that meet the highest quality standards required by the nuclear industry.
  • Large experience in projects regulated by the ASME and RCC-M Standards


  • Precision cast parts for water pumps (water movement, wastewater pumps, feed water pumps).
  • Precision castings for thermal power plants, solar power plants, nuclear plants.
  • Urban and industrial environments.


  • Solutions for desalination and transfer water in mining applications
  • High hydraulic quality surface to ensure best performance and efficiency of your equipment


Freeze Cast offers you a complete casting service, capable of meeting your personalized needs. By partnering with us for your precision casting projects, you will benefit from the experience and capabilities of an industry leader.

We have clients from sectors such as pump manufacturers, desalination plants, mining, naval sector… distributed across all continents. We offer an effective aftermarket service that guarantees a fast spare parts service to avoid production stops as much as possible.

To guarantee the quality of all our products, we carry out non-destructive tests such as: inspection of magnetic particles, penetrating liquids, X-rays, Ultrasounds… etc.

We have a service aimed at achieving a product of the highest quality in competitive deadlines using 3D technology to guarantee efficient manufacturing.

Impeller precision castings

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