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We are specialists in the manufacturing of precision hydraulic components for pumping equipment producing stainless steel parts that meet the most exacting requirements of our clients.

With a history of over 30 years, meeting the needs of the most demanding markets, we are one of the worlds leading manufacturers in our sector offering Industry 4.0 services to our clients as well as applying 4.0 standards internally.


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We ensure all our business activities meet our quality policy which aims to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Our key priorities include: product-process, services and customer expectation.


We have set objectives to ensure the greatest care is taken in meeting delivery schedules in optimum conditions.


Health and safety in the workplace is our number one priority, having created a preventative culture in the workplace, to which we are fully committed.


We are committed to direct and accessible communication with our clients to guarantee their satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being able to offer immediate response to any issues arising.


We are a stainless-steel foundry specialised in the production of hydraulic components for high energy pumps providing service to leading companies in the sector.

We use our own innovative process developed through years of investigation to manufacture specialised hydraulic components.  This process uses precision ceramic moulds for both the core and exterior of the finished product.

Our patternless process allows us to manufacture pieces without the need for a model.  This process is especially recommended for short series or individual units.

  • Materials: Stainless steel (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, super duplex materials), nickel-based alloys and carbon steel.
  • Size range: from 100mm to 800mm diameter and from 1kg to 500kg.
Impeller precision castings

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