Instant Casting

Two week express production


Freeze Cast develops new disruptive, state of the art technology at a high pace, changing the status quo, making sure that reaching delivery times unconceivable until now, are possible.
This top priority service aims to solve high critical emergencies in a short span of time.

Instant casting is a new process developed by Freeze Cast for our clients by which we can deliver castings in 2 weeks without a physical pattern.
This method has been developed to achieve the best delivery time in the most urgent cases.

We receive the digitized 3D model and we prepare
it for production.

We activate the Instant Casting protocol with the highest priority to produce the part.

We craft the part
respecting maximum
quality parameters.

We ship your casting
within 2 weeks.

We will deliver your patternless casting with a two-week express production from a single 3D file. Yes, that easy.

what are the advantages of instant casting?


No need for physical pattern equipment

Urgent Situations

Perfect process for replacement of spare parts and prototype casting

Freeze Cast Quality

All in one service with Freeze Cast’s quality stamp!

Materials and added services

All Freeze Cast’s range of alloys available for this process, as well as other added services.


Please provide us with the specifications you would like us to offer you. We will make the quotation and contact you as soon as possible.