Reverse Engineering

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Reverse Engineering

3D technology is fully integrated into our processes from the initial product design to the dimensional check of the final product.  Measurement protocols are adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our reverse engineering services are aimed at achieving a top-quality product within a competitive timeframe using 3D technology. Through the use of laser scanning technology parts can be digitised creating a file for use in the manufacture of the part, thus achieving a product true to the original.
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Reverse engineering, also known as retro-engineering is the process of digitizing an object to obtain information and its design from an existing product. This digitalization allows to obtain the CAD model. This process is carried out by laser scanners (CMM) or manual scanning, depending on the required precision and the geometry of the part. After production of the casting, it is re-digitized by reverse engineering and the two CAD models are compared.

3D Technology

Excellent combination of the latest 3D technology and years of experience in the design, construction, adaptation and maintenance of pattern making equipment. In order to ensure 100% accuracy, castings and patterns are produced with 3D technology (from the drawing to the final product) and supported by 3D dimensional control throughout the entire process.
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