What we do and how we do it

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We are a stainless-steel foundry specialised in the production of hydraulic components for high energy pumps providing service to the leading companies in the sector.

We use our own innovative process developed through years of investigation to manufacture specialised hydraulic components.  This process uses precision ceramic moulds for both the core and exterior of the finished product.

Our patternless process allows us to manufacture pieces without the need for a model.  This process is especially recommended for short series or individual units.

  • Materials: Stainless steel (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, super duplex materials), nickel-based alloys and carbon steel.
  • Size range: from 100mm to 800mm diameter and from 1kg to 500kg.

Distribution of materials

additional services for your castings


Pattern Shop

Equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies

Heat treatments

To achieve the best mechanical and physical properties

Surface quality

Improvement of surface quality in hydraulic areas


Positive material identification


3D Design and 3D additive manufacturing

Top-quality products within a competitive timeframe



Finished product ready to be assembled


Dimensional Controls

Key element of quality control

Pickling and Passivating

To provide protective properties to metal



Dye penetrants, X-rays, magnetic particles, ultrasonics