HHPS: In-house technology, guaranteed efficiency

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Surface quality is a key factor in your pumping equipment. Why? Here’s a refresher.

Obtaining maximum quality in the surface of your hydraulic parts helps you to improve the performance of your pumping equipment.

To achieve this, at FREEZE CAST we carry out different processes, all aimed at maximising the quality of our products. One of these processes is HHPS.

In this article you will learn what this process is all about and the specific benefits it brings to your pumping equipment.

A journey towards efficiency

The HHPS is a unique process developed by FREEZE CAST during 4 years of investment in research, development and innovation. For years we have been travelling around Europe and the United States, getting to know processes, machines and manufacturers of this type of machinery.

The HHPS process is the result of this technological development aimed at improving hydraulic parts.

The starting point of the parts we manufacture at FREEZE CAST is of the highest quality. That is why we use this process to achieve an optimum end point.

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What is it?

The HHPS process is based on a series of techniques that, through different geometries, allow us to achieve values below 1 Ra on all hydraulic surfaces.

In the words of FREEZE CAST’s Commercial Director, Julian Lopez, “HHPS is a self-developed process of super polishing.”

How to know if HHPS is for you

We have manufactured hundreds of parts for water movement projects. Our customers have been more than satisfied with the finish of the products, achieving a series of benefits:

  • Increased performance and efficiency of hydraulic pumps
  • Savings in electricity costs
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • Extend the life of equipment

HHPS is a process of improving the efficiency and optimising the fluid transport of pumps that are in constant operation and moving fluids of low economic value. Thus, you can improve the efficiency percentage of pumps that have long working hours.

Let’s recap: This process is ideal for you if ….

  • You work with equipment of large dimensions
  • You have equipment in constant operation
  • You are interested in reducing electricity costs in your projects
  • You need large parts
  • You use high efficiency hydraulic pumps/high performance pumps
  • Your company has equipment that spans many years and you need to optimise its performance.

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A superior process

Since 2012, following the development of this technology, we have been offering our customers the highest quality polishing and a proven hydraulic improvement in equipment performance.

Thanks to the HHPS process, our customers improve the efficiency points of their pumps. What does this optimization mean? In addition to a higher production output, our customers save on their electricity consumption.

“Our customers tell us, our process is superior to what they do elsewhere” says David San Fabian Technical Director at FREEZE CAST.

It’s a reality, the HHPS process has an extra point of quality compared to others available on the market.

We continue to work and research to offer the highest quality parts on the market. Try our process, and experience the difference from the moment you open the box with FREEZE CAST parts.

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