First Spanish company to go for Stratasys’ latest technology

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Today it is our privilege to tell you about a new bet we have made to move forward in our process of making Industry 4.0 a reality. As you know, additive manufacturing/3D printing is one of our main assets in maintaining our position as one of the leading companies in our sector. 

Manufacturing hydraulic components for pumping equipment requires exacting client requirements, commitment to quality, R+D investment and environmental awareness from our side. 

In doing so, we rely on the most innovative technologies, of which additive manufacturing is a part. As you may know, additive manufacturing is a 3D printing process that builds parts by adding material rather than subtracting it. 


An investment in innovation and quality for our customers

As specialists in the manufacturing of precision hydraulic components for pumping equipment, at Freeze Cast we have decided to rely on this machine. We know that this new machine is one of the most reliable and innovative machines on the market and we, as a company, are constantly striving for innovation and quality

Also, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in our sector offering Industry 4.0 services to our clients, we embrace Industry 4.0 concepts of automation, on-demand manufacturing and part customization. That’s why we have integrated this connected 3D printing solution to our infrastructure. 

What are the advantages of having the latest machine from Stratasys?

The main advantages are for our customers. 

  • Increasing the size range of parts
  • Shorten order delivery times
  • Adding quality and precision to part manufacturing processes.

This investment in technology allows us to produce a wide range of parts with exceptional precision and surface quality in a short period of time. It allows us to print on very cost-effective materials and downstream processes.

The latest Stratassys technology It’s fitted with patented technology which enables us to print in Do you have urgent projects? 

This 3D production system is the world’s most advanced system for prototyping, modelling and manufacturing, enabling us to produce high-performance designs and functional prototypes in a matter of hours. Our customers benefit from greater flexibility in delivery time and part size.

Another key factor for our customers is that we can handle more complex prints with ease, and it has a more consistent output than many other printers on the market.

And most importantly, it has a large build volume which allows us to create larger models and can print parts up to 1 metre long. It can also be used for prototyping, which saves time and costs compared to other processes. Receive your parts faster and with maximum precision regardless of the complexity of their size.

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Innovation at your service

This new machine is for you, acquire your parts faster and with the highest quality. We invest in the latest technology that improves the production activity of our customers and their pumping equipment.

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