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As it has already been mentioned in previous entries in this blog,the foundry industry plays a fundamental role in the proper management of the waste

FREEZE CAST manufactures thousands of parts per year in a variety of materials with different finishes. We are specialists in the manufacturing of precision hydraulic components for pumping equipment that meet the

The crisis of COVID-19 is not the only challenge that companies in Industry have to face, from now on, BREXIT is added to this changing scenario. What does

Precision machined parts can play a vital role in your company. Manufacturing these components need expertise, technology and a dedicated team. At FREEZE CAST we

Risk prevention and occupational safety are concepts that are very much present in the day-to-day business world. In the case of industry, a sector in permanent evolution

When it comes to buying manufactured products, there is a wide range of companies an enterprise can choose from. Nowadays, with globalization, it is possible

As explained by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council, nuclear energy is the energy contained in the nucleus of an atom. Inside it, there are two types of particles