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Ceramic casting vs Investment casting

When it comes to casting processes, two methods often come into play: ceramic casting and investment casting. While both techniques involve the creation of intricate

If you are interested in the desalination process and want to know all its applications and benefits, you are in the right place. Remember that

There are many drivers affecting the cost of electricity. The increase in prices is closely linked to the emission of carbon dioxide on international markets and the

Surface quality is a key factor in your pumping equipment. Why? Here’s a refresher. Obtaining maximum quality in the surface of your hydraulic parts helps you to improve the performance of

Steel foundries are energy-intensive industries with a well-known commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency. Furthermore, they have a major role in natural resources recycling, the sound use

Quality is essential in all aspects of manufacturing at FREEZE CAST. Therefore, we implement processes that add value to the parts we create. One example

When and how did you begin working as part of this team? I’ve been working at Freeze Cast since 2011. To begin with, I oversaw