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As it has already been mentioned in previous entries in this blog,the foundry industry plays a fundamental role in the proper management of the waste

What should we do if one part or component of a pump breaks or deteriorates? We would have the option to replace the component instead

Duplex stainless steels combine features of the austenitic and ferritic alloy family to offer the advantages of both with fewer drawbacks, often at a lower cost than other steel

To mark March 8, we introduce you to one of our colleagues, Carla Villegas, industrial engineer and head of Production Control at Freeze Cast. What

Turning on a tap and filling a glass with drinking water is a faraway dream for many people. According to The United Nations, nearly 700 million

FREEZE CAST is known worldwide for being one of the best foundries for hydraulic parts for the pumping sector. We have been manufacturing parts since 1983,

Today we speak with the Commercial Director at FREEZE CAST, Julian Lopez, on the current state of the industry as we enter 2021. Julian Lopez has more than 20 years