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Ceramic casting vs Investment casting

When it comes to casting processes, two methods often come into play: ceramic casting and investment casting. While both techniques involve the creation of intricate

urgent spare parts high perdormance pumps (1)

The global shortage situation is affecting the industry. Therefore, it is essential to have a supplier that ensures on-time deliveries. If you need quality spare parts or urgent spare parts, you


A trip through FREEZE CAST foundry from design to shipping Welcome to FREEZE CAST, we open the doors of our company for you to discover

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What will you find in this post? Quality Controls Types of non-destructive testing Heat Treatments Machining Qualifications Quality is the compass that guides people within the company. A

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Good morning, Ignacio. When and how did you begin working as part of this team? At the end of 2018 I was brought in to

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For many people, pickling and passivation are purely aesthetic processes. However, this is not the case. As you know, stainless steel is a very resistant and

All you need to know about Pelton Turbines FREEZE CAST min 16

How are turbomachines classified? Turbomachines can be classified in different categories depending on their geometry and the way they work. We can find: Francis Pelton