Benefits of ceramic molds

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What do we do?

In Freeze Cast we manufacture impellers and diffusers for pumping your equipment with the highest quality.


The different steps in the production of these products are very important. Both the impellers and the diffusers are key pieces of the centrifugal pump or compressor of your installation.

How do we do it?

The process to create impellers and diffusers may vary, they depend on several factors.

Although not every material has the same results. 

First, we need to create a pattern. In Freeze Cast we use different materials such as wood, resin or aluminium. 

The combination of wood and resin is an optimal solution. It has a low cost and provides excellent finishes on your pieces. 

To create the mold we use ceramic materials. The final result of the product depends on the design of the mold, which is key in the process.

The knockout process refers to the moment in which the impeller or diffuser is removed from the mold.

Why ceramic

The use of this material provides products with dimensional stability, surface quality, solidity and uniformity.

The ceramic offers the best results when unmoulding the products. 

By using ceramic materials we achieve high quality and precision pieces with a smooth surface. 

Smooth surfaces significantly can reduce localized corrosion processes. 

The more precise product the mold release, the less work the piece will require to give it a polish finish and surface quality.  

The ceramic mold process can eliminate the need for secondary processes that require machines to give the perfect finish or refine the results.

Advantage of ceramic casting

The use of ceramic materials when creating molds has several advantages:

  • Excellent smooth surface finishes
  • Excellent dimensional approximation to plans
  • Reduces or eliminates machining requirements
  • It can be used to cast highly alloyed alloys, such as certain stainless steels
  • Highly detailed casting areas are achieved
  • The dimensions of the products created from this type of casting are very precise in terms of size, shape and dimensions
  • Significant cost savings due to the minimization of machining increments

The surface of the tools

We have mentioned the important role that materials have in the process of creating the impellers and diffusers. 

Different casting processes result in different surface qualities of the parts. For hydraulic components such as those manufactured by us at Freeze Cast, good surface quality is essential.

Why is that?

The negative effect of the surface roughness

According to a recent study carried out by the scientific magazine IEEE Access, the surface characteristics are proved to have a significant influence on the pump performance. 

With the increase of the surface roughness of the pieces, the efficiency of the pump decreases continuously.

Moreover, with the increase of the roughness surface, the disk friction losses power and the hydraulic power decreases gradually.


In addition, with the increase in the surface roughness, the mechanical, hydraulic and volume efficiency decrease together. 

Some manufacturers polish the hydraulic areas to improve the efficiency of the equipment pump. However, thanks to the ceramic casting process our products have a smooth surface when they are taken out of the mold.

Our efficient manufacturing process and the high quality materials we use save time and minimize production costs.

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